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Roberts London

The story about the Roberts London guide was more a case of evolution than intent to create a London guide. Londoner Mr Barry Roberts founded Roberts London. Roberts London began as a blog and the social media for his company Roberts & co.

Roberts & co is a traditional jewellery manufacturer and luxury brand based in London. The blog began on the Roberts & Co website intended to simply help the companies website SEO.

However having just built his first website he had very little understanding of implementing SEO at the time. So the blog became more of a personal reflection of his life in London than that of a luxury goods brand.

London Skyline
Life in London

People around the world liked the content. So as the blog, social media and it’s following grew it became clear there was global interest in life here in London. Creating videos for YouTube drew an ever increasing audience keen to see life in London. And life of a Londoner provides endless opportunities to create both written and visual content.


So Roberts London evolved into a blog more about London than Roberts & co. Increasing content only increased the need for Roberts London to develop separately from Roberts & co.

So the Roberts London guide was born. Eventually The blog became its own website and the YouTube videos became an Amazon Prime TV series.

Watch our show on AMAZON PRIME


Or check out the YouTube channel below


And so the story continues…

Roberts London

Roberts London

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