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Work in progress

The Roberts London channel was not created with any clear objective. It evolved from a jewellery business blog into a London based YouTube channel. So its an eclectic mix of content. It more a window into my weekends in town than a structured guide to London. Many viewers are based in the UK and also London. 

However Roberts London has gained a large global following. Some are simply arm chair travellers enjoying spending time in London  vicariously. But many viewers are planning a trip to the city. And so looking for ideas and inspiration for their own visit to London.

So I wanted to create a more structured guide to London.

river thames night

The channel launched with a single intro video in late January 2020. The plan was to begin creating content throughout 2020. However in the weeks that followed the whole world started to shut down.

Like many cities around the globe London is currently undergoing the most significant changes in living memory. The old guides are already becoming obsolete.

Eventually London will open again. And it will need a new guide to the new London. And I very much hope our favourite old spots are still here for me to share with the world.

To be continued.....

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