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How to help people including yourself

It is impossible to visit central London for any length of time and not notice the challenges of poverty and rough sleeping.  It is even harder still to know where you could or would even begin to help. Also homelessness can and often is a symptom of peoples struggles in life rather than a singular problem with a simple solution. But you can help change peoples lives.

3 Ways to help homeless and vulnerable people

The best thing you can do on any trip to central London is visit the crypt of St Martins in the fields church. You'll find one of London's hidden gems just opposite Trafalgar Square. Every visit to the café and shop supports the work of St Martin's. Its such great value you'll feel compelled to put some change in the donation boxes before you leave. Its the most sustainable way to help out I've come across. Karma is just practical.

1. Visit café in the crypt

Located in the crypt of St Martin’s, this welcoming and hidden café has been a favourite of tourists and locals alike for 30 years.  Original brick-vaulted ceilings and historic tombstones lining the floor provide the backdrop to a varied selection of freshly prepared, value for money food throughout the day.


2. Discover The Connection @ St Martin in the fields


The Connection at St Martin’s helps thousands of people every year to move away from, and stay off, the streets of London. They do this by tackling the underlying causes of rough sleeping as well as offering practical help.

3. Help change peoples lives

There are lots of ways you can start making real changes to homeless people’s lives.. Give connections a like, share or a follow on social media. Visit the café and get a coffee or meal. Volunteer your time. Check out their on-line store. Or make a donation.

The History of the Appeal

The History of the Appeal

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